Creating a ‘Driving for Better Business’ policy

There are numerous challenges that you will face when creating and delivering a 'Driving for Better Business' policy for your company. These can include:

  • Getting buy-in from the senior management team
  • Lack of information and statistics that could act as a baseline in which comparisons could be made against
  • The attitudes and behaviours of first line managers
  • The requirement for drivers themselves to understand their responsibilities in this initiative

There are huge benefits of delivering 'Driving for Better Business' which could all be identified in a business case and these include:

  • Cost avoidance
  • Financial savings
  • Duty of care to your employees as well as to other users of the road network

For any assistance for generating a 'Driving for Better Business' policy which can be developed for your company contact Irene Williamson at or via telephone on 01785 276611.