I'm an employer

If you employ people who drive, remember, fatigue is bad for business because it leads to:

  • Inefficient staff who make mistakes.
  • Collisions which damage your vehicles and lead to loss of staff time.
  • Sick days taken by over-tired staff.
  • Risk of prosecution.

The solution is:

  • Set realistic schedules and targets
    (if you don't you, as the employer, may be held responsible).
  • Try to avoid schedules between midnight and 6am - this is when the body wants to sleep.
  • Monitor hours worked.
  • Ensure drivers take regular breaks as indicated in the Highway Code.
  • Ensure regular checks on drivers' mental and physical health.

Employers also have a responsibility to ensure that they do not encourage their employees to use a hand held mobile phone. If a driver becomes involved in a serious or fatal incident, the employer could face charges under the new Corporate Manslaughter Act, introduced in 2008.

Visit the Safer Driving Practice Page for information on affordable courses available for you and your staff