A mini-moto bike if used in the right place and at the right time can be a lot of fun for everyone to enjoy. But they can also bring a lot of grief and despair to those who bought them and those left to pick up the pieces.

The Law and Mini-Motos

To ride a mini-moto in any public place the rider must conform to the following:

  • The rider must be over 16
  • Have passed a compulsory bike test
  • Hold a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle
  • 'L' Plates are required where riders have not passed their Compulsory Basic Training
  • Hold a valid insurance policy
  • The vehicle needs a single vehicle inspection from the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)
  • The vehicle is required to have a valid MOT test certificate
  • The vehicle must display a valid vehicle excise disc
  • The rider must be wearing a crash helmet

Failure to conform to the above may result in proceedings being brought against the rider.

Should the police receive complaints from members of the public or witness the vehicle being used in an anti-social manner they may seize the vehicle for which the owner/parents will be responsible for the costs (Section 59 Police Reform Act 2002).