Planning a night out with your mates?

If you are the designated non-drinking driver, we need you to make your mates belt up.  And if you were the passenger that was out drinking all night, you need to think twice before getting behind the wheel the next day.

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No Belt, No Brains
That's the last time they'll crash at yours…

Drivers and passengers aged 17-34 have the lowest seatbelt wearing rates and 21% of those killed in accidents were not wearing seatbelts. Seatbelts do matter!

"I can't be bothered, it's only five minutes into town", "I can't hear you mate, let me take my belt off and lean forward", "I don't want to crease my clothes."

Whatever your mates say, if you are driving, make your mates belt up! You are liable for a fine if your mates don't wear their seatbelts. But, if your mates are injured or die in a crash, the feeling of regret and guilt will stay with you forever.

Over the limit, under arrest
The problem with drinking and driving is the MOURNING after…

In Staffordshire figures show that about a third of accidents are caused by drivers who are under the influence of drink or drugs. What's more, 43% of those who are caught are aged 16 - 25.

Also, one in five people found drink driving are caught in the morning! Even if you feel fine you could still be over the limit. Just because it's a new day it doesn't mean your body is alcohol free. Alcohol can stay in your system a surprisingly long time, even after sleep, a shower and a coffee.  And even if you are under the legal limit, fatigue from a hangover can be just as dangerous.  So if you know you've got to drive the next day, its best to not drink at all.

Your body takes at least 1 hour to get rid of just 1 unit of alcohol and that's not counting the 30 minutes it takes to start processing alcohol. Want to find out more?
Go to our web calculator.

Police Officers from the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership will be carrying out routine stop checks over the next 5 months.  If you are over the limit, you'll be under arrest! The penalty for drink driving is disqualification for at least 12 months and up to a £5000 fine and 6 months in prison. But, if a mate gets hurt in the process, the feeling of regret and guilt will stay with you forever.

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Make your mates belt up...

A car crash will be over in seconds but the feeling of regret and guilt will stay with you forever.