Frequently Asked Questions

Q Does the course contain a test and can I fail it?
A The course does not have any 'test' elements, however, in order to complete the course satisfactorily, you will be expected to participate in a positive way.

Q If I opt for the course option, will the original prosecution process continue?
A No. The course is an alternative to prosecution, provided your complete it satisfactorily.

Q Where are the courses held in Staffordshire?
A Courses are held near to Rugeley and  Longton, Stoke on Trent.

Q What happens if I do not complete the course, fail to turn up on my scheduled course date or arrive at the venue late?
A You will not be able to do the course and your file will be returned to the referring Police Authority marked as 'Not Completed'. Any fee paid to Staffordshire County Council will be forfeited and prosecution for the original offence will continue.

Q Where else in the Country can I take this course?
A You can elect to take this course in any of the following Police force regions:

Metropolitan Police Region - Course Supplier: DriveTech (UK) plc. 0845 3459623
Greater Manchester Police region - Course Supplier: DriveSafe (Greater Manchester Provider Group). 0161 234 1155
Gwent Police region - Course Supplier: Professional Driver Services. 0871 200 2217
Thames Valley Police region - Course Supplier: DriveTech (UK) plc. 0845 3459623
Humberside Police region - Course Supplier: Hull City Council. 01482 615930
Devon and Cornwall Police region - Course Supplier: Devon County Council. 01392 444773 & Professional Driver Services. 0871 200 2217
Lancashire Police region - Course Supplier: Lancashire County Council. 01772 534487
South Yorkshire Police region - Course Supplier: TTC. 0845 270 4363
South Wales Police region - Course Supplier: Professional Driver Services. 0871 200 2217
Staffordshire Police region - Course Supplier: Staffordshire County Council 01785 276620

Q How can I find out more information about courses outside of Staffordshire?
A If you have access to the web, log on to: You will need to have your driving licence number to hand when logging on. Only drivers who have been referred to this course by the Police Authority can access this website. Please note, you can't book a course on this website, just find suitable courses in those areas. If you do not have access to the internet, please telephone one of the course suppliers who is nearest to you from the list above. If you have any queries which are not covered here, please call Staffordshire County Council's Road Safety Unit on 01785 276620