Speed Indication Devices

What is a Speed Indication Device (SID)?

A SID is a luminous sign which displays and records the speed of each vehicle that passes. They are designed to encourage drivers to reduce their speed and help to protect road users and pedestrians. SIDs can be used in various speed limits in both urban and rural areas. They do not record speeding offences but may be used to inform additional casualty reduction measures such as speed enforcement or to encourage Community Speed Watch schemes.

What information does the SID collect?

SIDs collect the speed, date and time for each vehicle that passes. This information can be summarised and the results reported back to the local community. The information may also be used to identify speeding issues that require further action.

Post mounted SID

These SIDs are mounted on temporary posts or lamp columns and are in place for 3 weeks. The locations used are based on collision information and local concerns. The SID displays speeds at or below the speed limit in green, and speeds above the speed limit in red. Very high speeds are not displayed but are still recorded.

baswich sid 

Encouraging a

greater awareness

of speed