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  • Have you checked your Tyres?


    Drivers urged to check their tyres as part of latest road safety campaign.    

  • Parents helped to make their children safer drivers.


    Parents helped to make their children safer drivers ahead of changes to driving test.

  • New Website for New Drivers


    We are really excited to support the launch of a brand new website. When you have a chance please check out the FirstCar Academy website.

  • Driving Test Changes


    As we gear up for the driving test changes on 4th December we want to give you more detailed information on what pupils can expect.

  • Young Drivers Event


    Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership and Staffordshire Fire Service are working together towards reducing the number of newly qualified drivers involved in road traffic collisions.

  • Taking a Vehicle out of storage after the Winter?


    Before you use a vehicle that's been in storage, carry out thorough tyre checks

  • Child Car Seat Standards Change


    There have been many reports regarding the new stricter rules about booster cusions and this has caused much confusion.

  • New Child Seat Booster Rules


    Road Safety Wales (RSW) has moved to clear up any confusion surrounding the imminent changes to legislation covering the use of backless booster seats.

  • Allowing learner drivers to have driving lessons on motorways?


    Consultation launched on learners on motorways Have your say in the way we develop learners in the UK. Often talked about, frequently lobbied for and now it's finally happening! The government has today launched a consultation on learners being allowed on motorways. With the proposals also stipulating that this training can only take place under the direct supervision of an approved driving instructor, this is a positive step forward in developing novice driver education.

  • When it rains it kills: warning to drivers


    Drivers are being urged to slow down when it's raining after almost 3,000 people were killed or seriously injured when driving in the rain last year.

  • Proposed Driving Test Changes


    Proposed driving test changes are designed to 'improve road safety'

  • New Driving Mobility video


    GEM Motoring Assist have launched a new Driving Mobility Video aimed at boosting safety for Older Drivers

  • Mentoring New Drivers


    Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership in conjunction with The Honest Truth have developed a new website to help parents mentor their child through the process of learning to drive.

  • New Website for Older Drivers


    RoSPA has launched a new website to help older people adapt to changes in their driving.

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