Walking Bus

Most schools in Staffordshire have problems with traffic and parking outside the school at the start and end of the school day. School journeys in cars also contribute to the general volume of traffic. A number of concerns have arisen about the detrimental effect of travelling in cars on children's development. These include the failure to develop pedestrian skills and the risk to children's health through lack of regular exercise.


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What's a Walking Bus?

Parents organise themselves to walk a route regularly used by children. The Walking Bus walks to school collecting children en route, or sometimes uses a nearby car park for a 'Park and Walk'. The adult to child ratio is determined by the route walked and the age of the children. At least two adults are needed per bus.

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What are the Advantages?

  • Parents can organise a rota so less of their time is spent taking their  children to and from school.
  • Parents can rest assured that their children are escorted to and from school with responsible and trusted adults who have received pedestrian training.
  • Each child in a Walking Bus could mean one less car blocking the school gates.
  • Walking keeps children fit and improves their road safety skills.

If Walking Buses sounds like a good idea - why not try and get one up and running at your school. Everything you need to make it a success is provided by the County Council. If you would like further information please click here.