Community Speed Watch

Aims of the Scheme

Community Speed Watch aims:
• To help local people address speeding problems in their own area
• Increase driver and public awareness of the dangers of speeding
• Improve community safety

Community Speed Watch schemes are resourced by trained volunteers from the community through a Community Co-ordinator.

Speed Watch teams use hand held radar equipment at pre-identified locations to check vehicle speeds. Registration numbers and makes of vehicles exceeding the local speed limit are recorded. These details are then collated and passed to the central co-ordinator, where they are then processed and letters are issued.


Drivers found to be speeding are issued with an advisory warning letter requesting that they slow down and observe the speed limit. If the same vehicle is caught on a second or subsequent occasion by any Community Speed Watch team a follow-up final letter is issued.

If it is identified that the vehicle has been caught speeding through any Speed Watch for the third time within 12 months, the background of the vehicle will be checked and information will be passed to the appropriate local policing team who will organise for the keeper to be visited and warned.

Areas where speeding issues remain may also be targeted for enforcement activity.

Where are they?

There are currently 56 active schemes across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent and numerous new schemes almost ready to become active. If you'd like to know more about the schemes or would like to volunteer please call 01785 232702 or email

Information on how to set up a Community Speed Watch Scheme

Click on this link and follow a flow diagram to find out more information on setting up a Community Speed Watch scheme.


How do I get involved with a Community Speed Watch Scheme?
A: Call 01785 232702 or email to see if there is a scheme already existing in your area. If there isn't, you could contact your parish council or neighbourhood policing team for assistance to start a new scheme.

Who is eligible?
A: To be a Community Speed Watch volunteer you must be over the age of 18.

How often will I be expected to go 'on patrol'?
A: Each scheme is different. The frequency of patrols varies according to the needs of the community. You may start off with weekly patrols and as drivers gradually become aware of the presence of a Community Speed Watch scheme, you may decide to reduce the frequency.

At 40 mph only 15% survive

At 30 mph 50% are killed

At 20 mph 95% survive