Level Crossing Enforcement

Certificates for level crossing cameras (RLSE).

If you need access to a certificate and can’t find in the table below, please contact us by email at info@staffssaferroads.co.uk 

Camera SiteCurrent CertificatePrevious Certificate
NRLX0001 AsfordbyNRLX0001 Jun 2021NRLX0001 Oct 2018
NRLX0003 Borth Capel SoarNRLX0003 Jul 2022NRLX0003 Mar 2021
NRLX0005 CarnabyNRLX0005 Mar 2023NRLX0005 Oct 2021
NRLX0007 FairbourneNRLX0007 Mar 2021NRLX0007 May 2019
NRLX0008 FfairfachNRLX0008 Mar 2021NRLX0008 May 2019
NRLX0009 Furze Platt
NRLX0009 Sep 2021NRLX0009 Sep 2020
NRLX0010 HykehamNRLX0010 Apr 2021NRLX0010 Jul 2019
NRLX0011 KnaptonNRLX0011 Apr 2023NRLX0011 Nov 2018
NRLX0012 LeominsterNRLX0012 Jan 2024NRLX0012 Mar 2021
NRLX0013 LlanadogNRLX0013 Apr 2021NRLX0013 May 2019
NRLX0014 Melton StationNRLX0014 Apr 2021NRLX0014 May 2019
NRLX0017 NutbourneNRLX0017 Mar 2021NRLX0017 Apr 2019
NRLX0020 Queen Adelaide (KL)NRLX0020 Jun 2022NRLX0020 Mar 2021
NRLX0021 Queen Adelaide (N)NRLX0021 Mar 2023NRLX0021 Oct 2021
NRLX0022 Queen Adelaide (P)NRLX0022 Apr 2021NRLX0022 May 2019
NRLX0023 ShiplakeNRLX0023 Feb 2023NRLX0023 Sep 2020
NRLX0025 SwinesheadNRLX0025 Mar 2021NRLX0025 Jun 2019
NRLX0029 DarshamNRLX0029 Dec 2020NRLX0029 Aug 2017
NRLX0030 FobbingNRLX0030 Jul 2017
NRLX0031 WesterfieldNRLX0031 Dec 2020NRLX0031 Aug 2017
NRLX0032 Wharf RoadNRLX0032 Dec 2020NRLX0032 Aug 2017
NRLX0034 New FishbourneNRLX0034 Nov 2020NRLX0034 Sep 2020
NRLX0039 AdversaneNRLX0039 Dec 2020
NRLX0040 BoshamNRLX0040 Oct 2020
NRLX0041 Broad OakNRLX0041 Nov 2021NRLX0041 Sep 2020
NRLX0043 MuckingNRLX0043 Mar 2021
NRLX0044 WaterbeachNRLX0044 Dec 2020
NRLX0050 AppledoreNRLX0050 Feb 2023NRLX0050 Sep 2020
NRLX0051 BeltringNRLX0051 Feb 2023NRLX0051 Sep 2020
NRLX0058 RipeNRLX0058 Sep 2020NRLX0058 Jul 2019
NRLX0059 Spatham LaneNRLX0059 Sep 2020NRLX0059 Jul 2019
NRLX0067 Chartham HatchNRLX0067 Nov 2021NRLX0067 Sep 2019
NRLX0068 CliffsendNRLX0068 Feb 2022NRLX0068 Nov 2020
NRLX0070 Crowhurst BridgeNRLX0070 Nov 2021NRLX0070 Aug 2019
NRLX0078 StarNRLX0078 Nov 2021NRLX0078 Jul 2020
NRLX0079 StoneNRLX0079 Feb 2022NRLX0079 Sep 2019
NRLX0080 WilmingtonNRLX0080 Feb 2020NRLX0080 Aug 2019
NRLX0083 SelmestonNRLX0083 Aug 2019
NRLX0085 Baylham
NRLX0086 Bentley
NRLX0087 BurstonNRLX0087 Sep 2022
NRLX0089 HaughleyNRLX0089 Apr 2022
NRLX0091 MellisNRLX0091 Mar 2022
NRLX0092 MoultonNRLX0092 Sep 2022
NRLX0094 Stowmarket
NRLX0095 SwainsthorpeNRLX0095 Jun 2022
NRLX0096 Tivetshall
NRLX0096 Apr 2022
NRLX0098 Brimsdown
NRLX0100 Enfield
NRLX0101 Fordham
NRLX0102 Highams
NRLX0103 Ramsey Road
NRLX0105 Greenland Mill