Report a Speeding Concern

The Partnership is keen to hear from any community that has concerns regarding speeding issues: please note, alongside Community Speed Watch, our assistance is primarily mobile safety (speed) camera enforcement.

Before submitting a speeding concern form, please consider the following:

– Is your concern based around a few repeat offenders or a considerable proportion of the vehicles using the road?

– When is the speeding occurring? (there are potential limitations with mobile enforcement operating during the night/hours of darkness).

Mobile camera enforcement may not be the most appropriate solution; consider reporting intelligence regarding individual motorists who pose a risk to the public via Staffordshire Police’s website or contact Staffordshire Police on the non-Emergency number 101.

If your request relates to a speed limit change, road layout alteration, signing issues or a possible engineering solution (i.e., one-way system, speed cushions, build-outs) please re-direct your concerns to the relevant highway authority (Staffordshire County Council or Stoke on Trent City Council).


Submit a speeding concern form

To aid in reporting your concern, we have provided an online form below for you to complete.

This form should only be used for the purpose of reporting a speeding concern; any other requests may not receive a response.

Please only submit one location per concern. Speeding concerns that are better suited to another solution may require to be re-directed to another authority.

Please be aware that by submitting your speeding concern form, this will not automatically incur action, as this is dependent upon the results/outcome of an assessment.

For any other concerns that you feel the Partnership may be able to support, please visit our Contact Us page.

Report a Speeding Concern Form

Contact Details


Location of Speeding Concern:

eg. such as specific locations where you feel speed is most prevalent

How we respond

Once the Partnership has received your completed form, we will undertake an assessment, liaising with colleagues from Staffordshire Police and the relevant local authority to determine whether there is a community concern.

If concerns have previously been raised, with support from partners we will analyse any recent vehicle speed data we may hold for the relevant location (associated traffic speed surveys may possibly be undertaken, if deemed appropriate).

If data from a traffic speed survey highlights that speeding is not a problem, no further action will be taken. If however, a speeding problem is identified, it may be possible to include this location on our cyclical programme of Community Concern mobile enforcement sites incorporating low-level mobile enforcement.

How we use your data

The information you provide in this form will be passed to Staffordshire County Council for processing. You may be contacted following consultation with Staffordshire Highways and any applicable investigations.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. For further information please review our Privacy Notice here.

Further Help

If you are having difficulty using this form please contact us directly.