Our local communities play a significant part in our work, and we want to help them take responsibility to address their concerns. This will be integral to supporting a long-term cultural change that sees poor driving behavior as unacceptable and makes the best use of limited resources.

A lot of our local communities tell us that poor driving and speeding can impact their quality of life. Therefore, a lot of communities are taking the initiative and asking for our support so they can take responsibility for their neighborhood’s road safety.

Working with the budgets we have available, we want to develop the knowledge, enthusiasm, and resilience of local volunteers in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to reduce road traffic casualties and improve the quality of lives in those communities that have identified speed and road safety as real issues.

Wheelie Bin Stickers:

The Wheelie Bin Sticker initiative is used as part of a general awareness-raising exercise to highlight to drivers that they are traveling within a 20, 30, or 40 mph residential area.

The stickers are used along arterial residential routes where there is a community concern regarding the speed of vehicles traveling through the area.

If you are concerned about the speed of traffic where you live and would like to apply for wheelie bin stickers, please order your stickers from this page.

Reporting a Speeding Concern:

The Partnership is keen to hear from any community that has concerns with speeding. There are a number of measures that can be considered from the siting of a camera or police intervention to the use of wheelie bin stickers or community speed watch that the community can undertake themselves.

If you would like to report a speeding concern, please complete the form on this page.

Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch schemes are made up of trained volunteers from the community.  Learn more on this page here.