Education and early intervention aims to improve the skills, knowledge and attitudes of individuals and communities in order to positively change the behaviour of road users.

Delivery will be targeted in the following ways:

– To priority groups – those road users who are currently disproportionately represented in casualty data

– To children and young people – to develop positive road safety behaviours so they can become safe and responsible future road users

– To motorists who have committed a road traffic offence – to encourage compliance with road traffic laws

In order to achieve this, the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership will deliver education and early intervention using the following principles:

– A targeted, evidence-based approach utilising analysis and intelligence to prioritise action

– The co-ordination of delivery to enable the identification of gaps and areas of duplication, so assisting partners to work as efficiently and effectively as possible

– The evaluation and review of the effectiveness of activity on a continual basis

– Utilisation of evidence to implement the most effective interventions including innovative, technology-based solutions

– Provision of support and advice to partners