Wheelie Bin Stickers

The Wheelie Bin Sticker initiative is used as part of a general awareness raising exercise to highlight to drivers that they are travelling within a 20, 30 or 40 mph residential area.

The stickers are used along arterial residential routes where there is a community concern regarding the speed of vehicles travelling through the area. To help coordinate this initiative effectively, please could one resident apply on behalf of the area affected with the total number of stickers required allowing for 2 stickers per household.

If you are concerned about the speed of traffic where you live and would like to apply for wheelie bin stickers, please complete the application form below.

Wheelie Bin Sticker Application Form

Full Name


Details of proposed location for wheelie bin stickers:

Sticker requirements

(*please allow TWO stickers per household either to be used on one bin or to be split between two bins)


The information you provide in this application will be passed to Staffordshire County Council for processing. All applicants will be contacted following consultation with Staffordshire Highways and any applicable investigations regarding suitability.

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